Best Emergency Plumbers in South London & Surroundings

I understand you’re in a hurry as you are searching for an emergency plumber so I will keep this intro very short & sweet and get you started right away.

Ecoheat Plumbing in Balham

If you are looking for satisfaction look no further as with dozens of positive reviews and a 97% satisfaction rate you really can’t go wrong by hiring the boys in Balham, they are specialized in typical plumbing chores but they can also help you with your heating problems, or provide air conditioning installation services. No job is too big for them to give them a call today at +44 20 8673 9944 and as they work around the clock there is always someone to answer the phone.

Infinity Service in South London

Another great candidate for emergency work, if you a leak burst type or problems in your shower they can come straight away to fix it, whether it be a domestic or a commercial problem. Their latest reviews say they are quick and knowledgeable, actually what you would expect from a plumber that has a 99% satisfaction rate and reviews from all around the UK. What more do you wish for? They’ve been in business since 2014 so they won’t lack in experience.

My London Plumbing Handyman

The name says it all so we don’t have to mention where their home base is. Another top-rated plumber that scores 100% from 95 people that left their feedback at, which is probably the site to go to for all kind of handyman jobs in the UK. In his own words he is reliable, committed, and a quality tradesman and according to one of his reviewers there’s not a word said too much about that as Martyn did a perfect job installing new pipe fittings so there you go.

I.B. Plumbing & Heating Specialist

It’s honestly damn hard to find a plumber that doesn’t qualify and that doesn’t have a ton of positive reviews so I could bore you with the stats but it’s pretty similar as the others that I have mentioned. The only thing worth mentioning might be that it’s a family business with over 15 years of experience. The latest review from Brendan came in just a few days ago and was short & to the point saying, Excellent and efficient service delivered.

David John Plumbing Services

I figured this one is worth a mention as he provides his hourly price right into the introduction, I like that as I’m not in for unwanted surprises, his rate starts at 40 pounds for under an hour and 60 for the full hour. He will obviously do an assessment that will probably set you back around 40 quid and then you will know what the total costs will be. Just another top-rated plumber in South London.

E M Plumbing & Maintenance

Proud in his work outfit and helmet on and with 20 years of experience he’s fit for any job you can imagine. Massive installations are no stranger to him so no matter how big or small your construction project or emergency he will be there to help you out. He received a little fewer reviews but that’s likely because he’s working for contractors that aren’t spending their time on the web but are actually at work so this could be a good sign. His 100% positive feedback score is definitely not something to cry over.

In Conclusion

I hope you were able to find a plumber and that your house isn’t overrunning on water as while I write it can be easy to stick till the end of the article, you’d better off just calling the first one on the list so that you can sit high and dry. Cheers mate!