The New General Data Protection Regulation

With the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018. Many businesses have a sense of urgency about the new act as many are not prepared for the changes that will take place. A lot of business are even unaware when the legislation will

Large Family Living

One of the perks that come with living as a large family is the fun you have and the support you receive. However, you also need to adjust various aspects of living so that you make the whole process comfortable and easy for all of you. Today we look at

SIDS and the Role of Baby Movement Monitors

Baby monitors have proven to be a life changer for most parents who have a new baby in the home. Parents now count on these devices to know what is happening with the baby. They have access to a wide range of monitors ranging from video to movement monitors. Though

Key Aspects to Update in your Home Office

When you woke up this morning and started partaking in work tasks in your home office, did you look around to see if you were working in an adequate environment? The better question might be, do you believe that there are aspects in your home office that need updated (or

How to Make Extra Money in your Spare Time

You're not limited to clocking in to get some extra cash. If you're looking for a side hustle, you have options. All you need to do is put on your thinking cap. Brainstorm about what you have, what you can access, and the best skills you possess. Use this information

Guide to a safe house

Nowadays more and more people feel insecure about their houses. They fear for themselves, their families and for their valuable items. Luckily there are many ways that someone can secure his house and feel better. Below follows a brief guide on the most important tips that someone can follow in