Great Lighting Options For The Home

Light plays a vital role in every home. It creates an ambiance that improves the appearance and sets the mood of an otherwise plain room. That is why home lighting a crucial aspect of the home décor. There are different types of lighting that can be used at home. Each type is fit for a particular purpose, and more than one form of lighting can be used in a single room. For example, bathroom lighting, crystal and decorative lights, as well as floor and table lamps. This article outlines the three types of lighting options for the home and how each can be used.

1.Ambient Lighting

Ambient lights provide general illumination to the room where they are fitted. They may be used to enhance wall colors and create a comfortable visual environment. Ambient lighting can be achieved through the use of:

  • Uplights or torchiere lamps which direct light in the upward direction to generate a soft and diffused light
  • Wall sconces which are mounted on the wall to provide background light
  • LED spotlights for giving walls and ceilings a beautiful look. High power spotlights that come in different colors can be used to produce a party mood in the room
  • Recessed/ Can lights are installed into a small opening in the ceiling to project light in a downward direction. They take up very little space and can be used in dark or narrow rooms such as bathrooms, corridors, and staircases.

2. Task lighting

Task lights are useful for doing a certain task such as cooking, reading or eating. The light is often concentrated to a specific area or attached to a continuous electrical device. Some examples of task lights include:

  • Table lamps, which are commonly used to provide focused lighting
  • Wall sconces especially when placed on either side of a mirror in the bedroom or bathroom for shaving and combing purposes.
  • Pendants or chandeliers installed in the dining area to provide the lighting required when eating

3. Accent Lighting

This is a type of lighting that makes an artwork, painting or any special work visible. Accent lighting is three times brighter than ambient lighting, thus drawing one’s attention to a single lit area of interest. Accent lighting includes spotlights and chandeliers, which can be hung from the ceiling to focus attention on the desired object.

Everyone looks forward to coming back to a well-lit home. A good lighting scheme improves the safety and security of the home, saves energy and creates the desired ambiance in various areas. In selecting home lighting equipment and fixtures, it is important put into consideration the purpose for which the lighting will serve, the size of the rooms, and the activities for which each of the rooms will serve. Depending on this, the homeowner can go for a dimmer light or a brighter one so as to create that unique and perfect home environment. More information on a variety of lighting options is available at LumiGrowth, a great source of the latest reviews on the best lighting options.