How to Get Followers on Instagram

It’s a social media driven world. Your online presence is counted for a lot these days and because so much of you and your information is online, it pays to put some real care and hard work into it. Keeping up with it all can be a schedule-filling and tiresome business, especially considering consistency is one of the biggest factors when starting up and maintaining a successful Instagram following.

Luckily, the online world is become more adept to the needs of online users, and is quickly figuring out exactly what it takes to grow a successful Instagram page and maintain that status. There are now programmes and software available to do all the hard, day-to-day, mundane work of uploading, posting, commenting and captioning on a pre-made schedule, allowing you to free up some time and concentrate on other sides of your Instagram business that takes you offline from time to time.¬†There is software available¬†like Follow Adder which automatically likes and follows users that have liked and followed you themselves. It’s a helpful and efficient app for those of you who just don’t have the time to spend two hours a day on your phone, making sure that you’re keeping up appearances and building your Instagram slowly and organically.

Now that you’ve figured out the automatic, trouble-free way to make sure your Instagram is consistently gaining followers, here are a couple of tips on how to manually gain followers if you were to do it yourself, which also gives you a little bit of insight into what the Instagram bots do when they’re automatically set to run your Instagram.

Use hashtags to your advantage. Ahh, the humble hashtag. Some people love them, some people hate them. They are incredibly helpful to gaining you a place in the busy, competitive community of Instagram, but also as equally annoying to your followers who don’t want to feel like your feed is getting too spammy. They just want to see your content, after all, accompanied with a witty and well-timed caption. They don’t want to have to wade through a bunch of hashtags just to get to the caption on your pic. They want it to be simple and clear. So learn to use hashtags to help you, not hinder you.

Limit the amount of hashtags you use in each caption to two or three, and if you really want to use more than that to push your post further, try putting them as a comment underneath your post once it’s been uploaded. Additionally you can hide the hashtags within your caption, or place them at the very bottom of the caption.

Create your own hashtag. If you’ve already gained a decent amount of followers, you can try creating your own tag. This could be your brand name, or a slogan/catchphrase that applies to many of your photos that hasn’t been used too much already – it has to be original and unique. This will help to brand your Instagram account and start to attract a very specific community that is interested in your particular niche. Remember though to be consistent with this – use this hashtag in all of the photos you post as well as mentioning it in your bio. This way it becomes a trademark unique to your Instagram page.

Instagram is quickly gaining in popularity by the hour, which means that the game you have to play to stand out and be successful with your own Instagram page is getting more complicated and time consuming. Using an automated app to do the uploading/commenting/liking/following for you is a great way to maintain a growing Instagram account and ensure that you are keeping up with the demand of it. If this is outside the budget right now, there are lots of ways you can tweak the few tools you have within your Instagram page to create an original, glowing and attractive page that will soon catch the eyes of many users. There are many different routes you can take to get there in the end, you’ve just got to be smart and savvy about it. Ultimately, just need to get busy and do the work.