How to keep your vacuum cleaner in perfect working order

Having trouble with your vacuum cleaner? Vacuum cleaners are great for people who hate cleaning, because they do take the sting out of sweeping and dusting. But while vacuuming is faster and easier than sweeping the floor, your vacuum cleaner does require maintenance every once in a while in order to keep working as it should. If you fail to do that, you may find that your vacuum cleaner loses suction, making cleaning less efficient and causing you a lot of hassle. Here are a few tips to help you keep your vacuum cleaner in perfect working order. A stitch in time saves nine, as they say!

Get a quality vacuum cleaner

This bit of advice is useful if you’re still shopping for a vacuum cleaner or have found your old one to be beyond repair. It’s important not to give into false economy and invest in a quality vacuum cleaner. Cheaper models may appear to save you money, but not if they break down after a year of use. You want a reliable machine with a strong engine that will last. Some vacuum cleaners tend to overheat with heavy use, resulting in engine problems. Other problems with cheap vacuum cleaners can involve broken attachments, which is common when the machine is of low quality. Paying a little bit more now will save you money later. Matching the vacuum cleaner to your exact requirements will also help it last longer. For example, some cleaners are especially suited for pet hairs, where other devices might struggle.

Empty containers / Change bags

Many modern vacuum cleaners are bag free, but that doesn’t mean you can use them forever without any maintenance. Empty the dust container frequently to keep everything working as it should. Of course, if your vacuum cleaner has a bag, monitor it regularly to see when it needs to be replaced. A full bag will cause loss of suction. Keeping an eye on the dust container is especially important when you’re using a robotic vacuum cleaner, because those tend to have smaller containers than large vacuum cleaners. If you’re thinking of switching to a robotic cleaner, you can find out more about how to work with them on Vacuum Fox, were you can also read some reviews.

Clean the filters

Filters are often neglected by many vacuum cleaner owners, because they are tucked away and covered. It’s usually easy to see when the dust container is full, because many manufacturers make it out of clear plastic. Filters, on the other hand, are out of sight, so you need to make a mental note to check them every once in a while. Many low performance issues such as loss of suction are down to dirty filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. This is especially true in houses with pets, because pet hairs can really clog up a filter. Make sure you check the filters at least once a month and give them a good clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s easy enough to order replacements online for when the filters have had their day and need to be retired.

Careful what you hoover

A properly working vacuum cleaner will suck up just about anything, so it’s tempting to get rid of any small items of junk in your home by simply running the vacuum cleaner over it. However, some items can be harmful to your vacuum cleaner and need to be avoided and picked up manually. If your vacuum cleaner has a bag then you’ll want to avoid any sharp objects that may tear it. Items that are too large can get trapped in the tubes or other attachments, causing the dreaded loss of suction again. Even pet hairs need to be picked out of certain brush attachments to avoid them clogging up the tubes.

Remember: while a vacuum cleaner is a wonderful modern invention, it’s not perfect and it does need looking after if you want it to stay in full working order. But the good news is that if you get a quality machine and treat it well, it can serve you for many years and make cleaning a lot easier for you with minimum maintenance.