How to Make Extra Money in your Spare Time

You’re not limited to clocking in to get some extra cash. If you’re looking for a side hustle, you have options. All you need to do is put on your thinking cap. Brainstorm about what you have, what you can access, and the best skills you possess. Use this information and a few bright ideas that have already been tested to start earning extra money in your spare time.

Offer Services As a Freelancer

This is the best way to actually work without punching someone’s time clock. You’re only obligated to complete the task you’re currently working on and you can take on new tasks at your leisure. It’s like having a small business, but without as much responsibility. The internet has widened the range of opportunities for freelancers.

Many common freelance jobs include writing, graphic design, website design, or being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants handle a business’s tasks remotely as needed. You’re not limited to these suggestions. Pretty much any skill you can think will work well as a freelance position. If you’re better at hands on labor, you can do landscaping, carpentry, or a cleaning service as a freelancer also.

Start Selling Vintage Records

You know, those round, shiny things people used to listen to music. This was long before the digital and download music days. Still, many people find value in them and will pay cold hard cash to have them. There are even stores dedicated to buying and selling records. You can find these stores all over the world.

If you have any in your possession, it might be worth checking to see what they’re worth. Find out more about the record business at Vinyl Vintage. You can also find records at places that sell secondhand items like thrift stores and consignment shops. Once you learn the system, you may be on to something to keep a few bills in your pocket.

Sell your other stuff

Some merchants are the pioneers of selling online, but now there are many more marketplaces dedicated to selling new and used items on the web. You can even sell your handmade goods like skincare products, sewn or knitted clothing, or picture frames. Some people even sell digital items like e-Books or music. If you can dream it, you can sell it.

Just like with offering freelance services to clients, you don’t absolutely have to sell online. It just gives you a larger market to sell all over the world if you choose. However, if you want to set up shop in your hometown, you can do that too. Most cities have a flea market, where you can purchase a booth to sell your goods. Many larger cities even have weekend events downtown with available space for local vendors. You have room to be creative with your sales techniques.

Participate in Test Studies or Surveys

This is a lazy side gig for some quick occasional pocket money. There really are companies online who will pay you to answer their questions or test products from home. Some companies pay in the form of cash. Others give rewards points where you’ll either get discounts or trade the points for products or gift cards. You might end up with more items you can turn around and sell.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking this is an easy task. The surveys aren’t complicated, but it may take a lot of them to line your pockets. You also have to filter through the scams and unrealistic opportunities. Once you find a good company to work with, you can use this is a way to squeeze out a few extra bucks.

Sell Yourself

Meaning sell your expertise. You can do this in a couple different ways too. As a consultant, you can charge a fee to meet with people and help them in whatever area you have knowledge and skills. Decide whether you want to charge an hourly rate or flat fee and build from there. You can also provide your consultations for free, then offer additional services for a fee or become an affiliate and sell someone else’s products.

If you want to take a more remote route without directly dealing with clients, do it online. Make entertaining, informative videos that help others solve problems. You can make money from advertisement on the videos or charge a fee for the video as a webinar or e-course. You can even build a website or start a social media group to promote your services and build your audience. That audience will help you build your clientele.

If you don’t want to commit to a second job, don’t. You spend enough time in your day on someone else’s time clock. Be creative and find your own opportunity. Take advantage of the options above and start making extra money in your spare time.