Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Your Brand

Instagram statistics are mind-bending. Did you know, for instance, that more than sixty million photos get uploaded on the platform every day? Or that users give more than 1.6 billion “likes” on a daily basis? Add the one billion active monthly users and what you get is a perfect platform to showcase your brand. Follow these tips to get the results you want for your business.

Buy Followers

Sounds controversial, right? Well, not until you consider the amount of time (and effort) it takes to grow an Instagram audience. Create a budget to buy followers as a way to trigger an organic growth. Active Instagram followers will provide the boost you need to draw the attention of potential clients and expose your brand in the process. Besides, a large follower base adds appeal to your account. It increases your trust with users too.

Switch to a Business Profile

Make sure that you shift to a business account even before you begin to map out your marketing strategy. And you don’t need to do much to switch – go to your settings and click on the “switch to business profile” tab. Why is this critical? Well, for starters a business profile enables you to create and upload ads with using Facebook’s advertising tools. On top of that, it gives you access to Insights, analytic tools that allow you to measure the impact of your posts.

Make Use of Free Tools

Instagram offers a collection of free tools that you can use to market your brand. Through tools such as Insights, you can mine critical information such as the level of engagement and impressions. Even more impressive, you can narrow down to specifics such the location, gender, age most active times of your followers. That way, you can understand the type of content that resonates better with your audience. By extension, this allows you to adjust your post to increase engagement.

Use Sponsored Ads

Instagram, like any other social media platform, is highly competitive. You, therefore, need to embrace the idea of using sponsored ads. And, you don’t have to burn through your wallet to get the results. Set a budget and use the carousel function to showcase your ads.  The idea is to present your ads in a way that doesn’t appear pushy. Be sure to create highly engaging content for your sponsored ads. Upload two posts at the same time to boost the engagement a notch higher. Sponsored Instagram ads can take the form of photos, videos, and carousel.

Use Instagram Stories

Learn how to use Instagram Stories to generate leads. The beauty of it is that Stories, unlike regular posts come in a slideshow format. You need to know a few things though. Stories appear on the top of your follower’s feed and last 24 hours only. You can use them to share inspiring information that you wouldn’t upload via standard post. More than that, Stories allow you to test a variety of content t including rewind video, boomerangs, short videos, and photos.

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot of hard work to develop a solid Instagram marketing strategy for your brand. Set your goals and know what to do and when to do it. Consider collaborating with influencers to reach more people with your content.  Remember, most Instagrammers buy products and services depending on what they see on their timeline from influential brands they follow.

Also, be creative with your hashtags especially if you want to generate instant engagement. Write down popular hashtags in your industry and find a way to incorporate them into your content. Finally, post on a regular basis but don’t overdo it.