International Business Travel Carry-on Tips

International travel comes with its own challenges, especially when it comes to packing your items for an international flight and subsequent business meeting. Remember that airlines have restrictions regarding carry-on luggage size so that all passengers get enough room to store their prized belongings. The first tip when packing is to find out the restrictions before you can travel so that you avoid any surprises. Let us imaging you are planning for a business trip and you need to pack. Here are some of the tips that will make your journey easy.

Choose the Right Carry-on

You need to place your journey in perspective before you set out. First, know that airlines offer limited space on board to hold your carry-on. Secondly, you need to share this space with a host of other people. Secondly, it is annoying to other travelers when you keep on standing in the aisle to get an item from a packed bag. Therefor you need a bag that can help you get what you need, fast.

You need a bag that is light and mobile. It should be compact enough to fit into most overhead compartments yet tough enough to withstand constant handling. The bag should give you extra features to reduce the burden on you. For instance, it should come with grab straps and wheels to make traveling even easier.

The bag should also give you the ability to organize your items in compartments for easy access. I usually go for the Tumi Alpha 2 carry-on that, apart from compartmentalization, also gives me an expandable design that allows me to carry more. I would recommend it to any traveler intending to travel for a long distance yet stay organized.

Bring Only Essential Footwear

A change of shoes is amust when going on a business trip. However, these take up a large part of the available space in your carry-on. Therefore, make sure you only carry the necessary shoes depending on the activities you have planned for. If you plan to go for hiking during your free time, then wear the boots in the flight and pack your executive shoes in the bag. Always put on the shoes that will take up most of your space and pack up the ones that take less space.

Layer Your Outfits

Another tip relating to attire when on the plane is to wear your bulkiest clothes for travel. Jackets are the main culprit here. Packing your jacket will swallow up more space than you can imagine. It is also a bit chilly on the plane, making it a great move to have your jacket with you. It is also easier to remove it and put it back on when going through the security barriers.

Go Neutral

Opt for two neutral colored suits that you can mix and match with a few shirts, ties and your single pair of executive shoes. For instance, you can wear the same pair of neutral trouser to the business meeting and then match it with a different shirt in the evening for the dinner. This applies for both men and women.

Know Which Devices to Carry

The current age places a host of devices for you to choose from ranging from laptops to smartphones. IPad and tablets have taken the mantle that was previously owned by the laptops and desktops. Therefore, instead of lugging your laptop bag along, just slip the tablet into the carry-on and you are good to go. Don’t forget the charger and other accessories you need to keep the device working. If it is a short trip that doesn’t require the need for a tablet, stick with the smartphone.

Ignore Most of the Freebies

Many businessmen get excited at the prospect of all the freebies at business conferences. Forget about stuffing the folders and other giveaways you receive from the organizers. Single out the important ones the night before departure and carry only what you need. If many of them are important to you, have the hotel mail the other items to your office.


Traveling over long distances requires you to travel light. Make sure you have the right carry-on to hold the items you need for the trip. Follow a few tips and tricks to make sure you don’t carry unnecessary items.