Packing Tips for a Self Storage Unit

Packing items for a self-storage unit doesn’t have to be a tough task. The stress of packing shouldn’t get to you in any way. With advanced planning, you will have a smooth, flawless move. Let us look at the tips to help you save time and money and keep your possessions safe.

Start the Process Early

To make sure you know the perfect size to rent when you visit, you need to make sure you start parking early enough. Take the time to sort, separate and organize everything you plan to store in the unit.

Another step towards getting that smooth move to a self-storage unit is to make sure you have the packing supplies for the task. If you don’t have some already, make sure you get durable carton boxes, markers, packing tape, bubble wrap and locks. You can get some at the storage facility. The kind of packing material you choose should match your needs. Some items will only hold a single item while bigger boxes will hold several items. Either way, you need to make sure you have the right packing supplies to suit your needs.

The supplies should also be large enough to hold the items but small enough to fit into the storage unit. Remember, poor planning and choosing the wrong supplies might end up wasting a lot of valuable space.

How to Pack for the Unit

Now that you have the packing supplies, you need to start putting the items inside the containers. It is advisable to go room to room so that you don’t burn out. For the best packing, you need to disassemble anything that you can so that you save on space.

You also need to separate the breakables from the unbreakable items so that you store them the right way. Make sure you label all the boxes with the contents, date and which room it came from. Utilize the bubble wrap and old newspaper to wrap any breakable items.

Avoid using plastic bags to store items. These bags don’t protect your items and will promote mildew growth. Stay away from them that is unless you need to keep an item in an airtight bag that is puncture resistant.

As you park, set aside a box to hold any items that you will need during the move. You need to label this box the “emergency box” since you will need these items during the move. Items that you will require include markers, bubble wrap, extra tape and so on.

The Moving Process

Now that you have everything packed, you need to start moving the items to the company. The aim is to use all the available space. Use the best strategy to store the items in the unit. Many people place the items they need first at the front and those they don’t need at the back.

In Closing

Packing for the self-storage unit is not as complicated as it looks. Once you get the right size of the unit, you need to pack the items the right way to save on space and money.