SIDS and the Role of Baby Movement Monitors

Baby monitors have proven to be a life changer for most parents who have a new baby in the home. Parents now count on these devices to know what is happening with the baby. They have access to a wide range of monitors ranging from video to movement monitors. Though video and sound monitors are common, movement monitors have taken over as the most vital because of one major reason – they help new parents prevent SIDS

What is SIDS

The most common cause of kids under the age of 1 year is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This condition affects kids in their sleep. You wake up in the morning and find your kid dead in his bed or crib. This condition is very mysterious because the main cause remains unknown. SIDS can happen to kids that are 100 percent healthy.

What are The Triggers of SID?

As we speak, no one can pen SID on a single cause. Many theories have been put forward, some people attributing the cause to suffocation while others attribute it to heredity. Other theories point to toxins found in the infant’s mattress, though none has been proven scientifically.

One of the top risk factors is tummy sleeping. The risk is higher when your kid sleeps on the tummy instead of the back. The reason for this is that this position exerts pressure on the airway leading to suffocation.

Another risk factor for SIDS is the baby sleeping on a soft mattress. Soft surfaces tend to increase the chances of the kid developing issues with breathing, and also cause overheating.

Another risk factor for SIDS is overheating. Overheating can result from having the heater on as the baby sleeps, covering your baby with too many blankets and an infection. Make sure the room temperature is at a comfortable level for your infant.

Movement Monitors

The movement monitor is designed to detect any movement that the baby makes, alerting you whenever there is no movement at all. The monitor comprises a movement sensor pad and a device that you hold as the parent or guardian. You place the sensor pad under the kid’s mattress while retaining the device that notifies you of any changes in movement.

The movement sensor pad communicates with your device via a wireless connection or via cable. You monitor every movement, and you get a warning when the baby doesn’t move for some time. The receiver typically sounds an alarm when the baby doesn’t move within 20 seconds.

You need to know what to do when this happens. It is therefore vital that you understand some resuscitation techniques and other urgent actions to take in such a situation.

The Role of the Movement Monitor

The major sign that your baby is suffering from SIDS is the inability to breathe. You have to make the baby breathe within the few moments you notice the problem. After which you need to take the kid to the doctor.

The role of the monitor is to signal you that there is a problem. This is the role of the alarm on the monitor. Having the movement monitor reduces any worries you might have especially when you move the kid from your room to another room.

At times, the kid will move off the pad and the alarm will go off. This isn’t a false alarm as such, because you will want to know where the kid is moving to, which can be under the blankets. Always go and confirm what is happening so that you aren’t caught off-guard. Once the kid is able to wriggle around a lot, let’s say after 6 months there is no worry at all.

Always make sure the monitor is working perfectly before you start using it. Many parents forget to turn it on and assume it will work miraculously. Additionally, make sure the pad is right under the kid so that it can convey the right reactions whenever they happen.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Putting your infant in a cot or crib makes it hard for you to sleep because you have to wake up after every five minutes to check on the infant. Using a baby movement monitor gives you the peace of mind because it alerts you when there is no movement, which is a definite sign of SIDS. SIDS is one of the leading causes of infant death. However, having the right baby movement monitor gives you the luxury of knowing what is happening to your infant at any time. Start your hunt for the right one at