The best Instagress alternatives after a number of leading Bots were closed down in 2017

Bots are a popular choice as people look for a time efficient and effective solution to automate their social media account. Unfortunately, many famous Instagram Bots including the leading Instagram Bot Instagress was shut down in 2017. This was a result of an Instagram crackdown on the use of automated services on its platform.

This has left a gap in the market and many people seeking for effective and reliable alternatives. There are lots of Bots that provide a very similar service as Instagress. Some are easier to use. 2018 has already seen new Bots launched onto the market. Fred Harrington talks about how Instagram marketing looks in 2018 without Instagress on his website

Why use a Bot to grow your Instagram account:

Unlike buying fake followers, a Bot will allow you to be able to gain real followers. This is done by automating your posts, likes and comments on other accounts. The Bot will not target random accounts, it will use hashtags to find accounts that are relevant to yours. It is a much more time efficient approach than doing these things manually. Many businesses have more than one Instagram page. A Bot like Follow Adder can manage and schedule posts on these multiple accounts.

Bots like InstaQ have a feature that will allow you to unfollow people who have unfollowed you first. It can also send your existing followers electronic messages that remind them to check out your latest posts.

How to grow your account in the safest way:

There are other options available that are not Bots. They are social media management programs that can grow your account using different methods. Some of them such as social envy are organic growth services which unlike the Bots are managed by real people. The focus of these programs is to grow your Instagram followers organically and not through automation.

It will use your target demographic to find users that are relevant to your account. The growth may be slower than the use of a Bot, however, it will allow your following to grow at a steady rate.

Believe it or not, organic growth services are not new. Social envy has been around since 2015. Unlike the Bots which break the rules of Instagram and can result in repercussions.

These organic growth services work within the Instagram terms and conditions. So although they may cost more than a Bot, they are a safer approach to growing your social media profile. Most of these programs can also be used on other social media platforms which will allow you to cross promote.

If you already have a strong following on other social media platforms you can cross promote your content. Make your audience aware of your Instagram account and invite them to follow you. This is an effective way to generate more exposure to your Instagram content. By posing content on your other social media accounts you can link your Instagram account and drive traffic back to it.