Top Tips to Plan a Fun Wedding Reception

Your wedding ceremony is obviously an important event — it’s where you become husband and wife, after all! But your wedding reception is where the celebration can really begin. It’s also the part of the day your guests will all really be anticipating the most. Be sure to give everyone in attendance something to remember! Here are some top tips to help you plan a unique wedding reception packed with fun and frivolity galore.

Plan the seating arrangement carefully

It may not seem like the most obvious thing, but a fun wedding reception begins with a good seating arrangement. If you want your guests to enjoy themselves, you shouldn’t seat them with total strangers.  Make sure you seat close friends and family together — and that everyone knows a couple or more people at each table they’re sat at. If you have more than two kids in attendance, seat them at a separate kids table. This ensures laughter and conversation will be flowing and in turn lead to a great night had by all.

Provide delicious food

When it comes to food, you don’t necessarily need to provide your guests with a traditional three-course meal — although you really can’t go wrong this way either. If you want to have something a little different food-wise at your wedding reception, think outside the box. An ice cream truck, coffee bar, buffet, or filling hors d’oeuvres are just some ideas you can use to make the food fun and interesting. You can even get a chef to recreate more sophisticated, wedding-appropriate versions of your favorite no-frills meals.

Hire a DJ

A DJ is probably one of the most popular staples of wedding receptions everywhere — and for good reason! A good DJ will help get the party started and keep it going long into the night. They should play crowd-pleasing hits to keep the dance floor packed all night. Just be sure to speak to your DJ beforehand to let them know if there are any particular songs you don’t want played.

Hire a live band

And if a DJ’s not your thing? Hire a wedding band instead! Having this kind of live entertainment at your wedding can really uplift the mood of your night. A live wedding band is a sure-fire way to make your wedding reception an exciting and memorable evening.

Hire a wedding photographer

While you and your guests are enjoying yourselves, you’ll want a great wedding photographer there to capture all the highlights of your event. Be sure to talk to your photographer before the wedding to plan the photos you want. This is a great chance to let them briefly know if there are any family feuds, so as to avoid placing the wrong people next to each other for photos.

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Have entertainment for the kids

Make sure the children at your wedding reception have a good time, too! Hire a children’s entertainer to keep your younger guests amused throughout the evening. Arrange fun and different ways to keep them occupied, such as, games, face painting, and bouncy castles.

Hire a wedding nanny

Weddings can be long and often exhausting events for kids. If you’re going to have many kids at your wedding, consider hiring a wedding nanny as well. It really pays to have a wedding nanny on hand to help look after the children when needed in a separate area. It’s also a great way to let the adults let loose and enjoy themselves, too.

Have a fireworks display

It’s been a great evening, so why not go out with a bang? A stunning fireworks display is a special finale your guests can look forward to throughout the evening. It’s a memorable way to end an already memorable night.

Use some of these top tips to help plan a fantastic wedding reception for your guests to enjoy. When it comes down to it, good entertainment, people, and food are all you need to impress your guests and make sure you all have blast.