Top Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

Although your wedding singer is responsible for entertaining the guests at your wedding and reception, there are some things that the two of you ought to do to make sure the performance of the day hits all the right notes. Today we look at the common wedding music blunders and what you need to do to avoid them.

Forgetting the Tastes of Your Guests

While the wedding is all about your musical preferences, part of being the perfect host entails meeting the needs of the guests as well. Understand what the crowd will love and infuse it in your playlist. Once the evening wears on and you are remaining with your buddies, then you can jam to whatever you want.

Switching From one Genre to The Other Quickly

Imagine waltzing along to a sweet melody and just when you are getting into the mood, the singer switches to a totally different melody. Suddenly you and your partner find yourself in the middle of a fast-paced song without any warning. Guests will get into the mood of the song and will want to dance and sing along for a few notes more before a change.

Talk to the singer and know if he knows how to read the crowd. Let the singer know when to switch from one song to the next without killing the vibe.

Sticking to a Single Genre

Just like switching from a genre to another without warning, sticking to a single genre the whole period of the wedding is suicide. Appealing to a single subset of the guests will miss the mark. When you stick to a single genre he whole day you tend to push the entertainment to the back of the room and people will just be there, waiting for the next predictable song to dance to.

Choosing Songs With Inappropriate Content

Make sure you avoid any music with lyrics that will make the guests uncomfortable. Additionally, don’t just play music because it is trending. It is respectful for you to get music that is in good taste with the guests, regardless of their age.

Getting a Musician Without the Right Experience

You need to make sure the singer is well-rounded and can bring some experience and versatility to the event. Don’t go for a part-timer, but opt for the best there is in the industry. Remember that audiences are a tough group, and you need a dynamic person that will read the audience and play the right music depending on the mood.

Unlike an amateur, a reputable and experienced wedding singer knows their business is at risk as well as their livelihood. They will therefore work harder to make sure you refer them to your friends or colleagues. Visit to work with a musician who understands your needs

In Closing

You need to be a part of the wedding planning if you want your special day to start well and end well. One of the areas you need to be keen on is the music. Make sure you get the right musician for the day and work together to make the day special.